Real Estate

Arian Real-estate Group is a family-owned company that began developing houses in Iran more than 30 years ago. The company was a local pioneer of the construction of local residential development projects with mixed housing types and has since become a leader in the design and construction of mixed-use communities. Over the years, our operations have expanded to include property management and the construction and operation of seniors’ residences. We also have a hospitality division for our hotel and restaurant properties.

Our Philosophy

Our company is committed to providing brilliantly designed, well-built residential and commercial spaces in superbly organized neighborhoods, where people can access jobs, local amenities and public transportation. Organizing our business around relationships and the needs of people is the cornerstone of our approach to real estate development and management.

Our Services


Our real estate developments demonstrate ‘leading by design’ through exceptional architecture and design, energy-efficiency and innovation. Our projects express a thoughtful relationship between buildings, public spaces and livable neighborhoods  from residential towers and townhomes to independent living communities for seniors.


Our Group’s construction division, created to deliver high-quality new products as we launch our projects in different territories and pursue other opportunities. With its dedicated team of experienced building professionals combined with the very best trades, the group Construction division is a recognized leader for quality projects, and meticulously planning livable communities.

Property Management

Barbican, a Division of Century Group, with over 60 years of experience, manages a diverse portfolio of apartment buildings, storage units, and mixed mixed-use commercial spaces.


The Arian Agency is a global, boutique real estate brokerage defined by its strength of character, rebellious spirit and passion for reinvention. Breaking away from the traditional brokerage model, The Agency takes a collaborative approach to the business of real estate. All of our agents and clients benefit from the shared resources, expertise and networks of the entire global team. Our unique culture allows us to provide a boutique environment that operates on a global scale, beginning with the concierge service we offer agents and clients alike.


The Agency is a global, boutique real estate brokerage that believes more of the same is never an option. Behind each of our agents is the knowledge and resources of an entire global team. And quality over quantity is our non-negotiable.






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