Food Industry

Arian foods Inc, located in Iran, has been satisfying customers since 1980 and provides great tasting, high quality, 100% organic dried fruits for either Middle East neighbors and other European countries.
With our entire organic production line we are able to offer you the best products directly from the most reliable sources.
For over 20 years our goal at Arian Foods Inc. has been to appreciate our valued customers in the most convenient way with the highest quality.

Dried fruit

As a healthy snack, dried fruits are becoming more popular. Despite the controversial comparison between dried and fresh fruits nutritional facts, it is obvious that the incomparable taste of fruits when they are dried is distinguishableArian Group is pioneer in exporting high quality dried fruits all over the Europe and Russia. Our products varies from different levels of dried apricots to raisin, fig, apples and dates.


Iran is well known for its beautiful carpets and the best pistachio in the words. Arian Group is proud to be the one company who has brought the brand of Iranian Pistachio to the top. Our overseas market analysis shows a great deal of growth in demand for this product in only a year time period which simply means we are on the right path.


Iranian dishes are inseparable from the fascinating flavor of saffron! The RED GOLD is the title that many people would resemble when they talk about it. Arian Group knows the best how to dig this precious gold while using the most unique and exclusive farming techniques designed for raising saffron.


With the newest technologies in farming methods we are able to raise the most natural products with almost one hundred percent efficiency. Arian group is also the inventor of “low cost Aeroponic” method which was chosen by Isfahan chamber of commerce to participate In Gitex technology event 2018.