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Arian Holding Trading

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Arian Holding is a leading Iranian company active in export and investment promotion of various Iranian products and services in abroad.
We are engaged with diversified business activities that are supported by our team of extremely talented and experienced professionals in different sectors including industry, mining, healthcare, food industry, handicrafts, constructions and etc. Arian Holding has built a trusted reputation for providing quality product & services to both our suppliers as well as our clients. This has been built through constant innovation strategic thinking.

Significant growth on knowledge base companies and start-ups are making Iran a main hub for developing new technologies like NANO or stem cell. Accordingly, various sections of industry like automotive, mining, electric and etc… are benefitting from their brilliant ideas. Export statistics are clearly showing this positive improvement.

Some exporting products include carpets, fruits and nuts, chemicals, and metals. Iran’s leading trading partners include China, the UAE, Iraq, Germany, and Turkey.