Investors relation

Our Responsibility

Financial Responsibility

The way we manage money and other company assets is considered as one of the best financial strategies for big corporations which is highly productive and insures the interest of all individuals, shareholders, and many beneficiaries. Being adaptable to both economy and financial changes that can cause huge risks for the company. This money management involves cultivation of a mindset which makes it possible to look beyond the needs of the present so as to provide for the needs of future. We understand the various basic principles so as to achieve a high level of financial responsibility.

Customer confidentiality

We deeply believe that our customers are the main asset of Arian holding, therefore keeping their records safe and secure is the promise that will never be broken in our company. From healthcare section to the huge projects of industry, we have been our customer’s number one trustworthy partner. With the good faith we are cautious to make our deals clean from any other relationship between the beneficiary and the applicant.

CSR: corporate social responsibility

Our CSR commitment includes voluntary actions undertaken by mining companies to either improve the living conditions (economic, social, environmental) of local communities or to reduce the negative impacts of mining projects. The other target is to build human capital (training local people to be employed by the mining enterprise or to provide outsourced services, promote and provide skills on microbusiness, aquaculture, crop cultivation, animal rearing, textile production, etc.).

Environmental sustainability

Mining activities have important impacts on economy, environment labor and social repercussions on local and global scales. While this sector provides vital raw materials and energy for numerous industries, its activities are still widely known as a threat to the natural surroundings, with environmental effects on the air, water and soils. Followings are some of our main Targets in this area: Reducing greenhouse gas emissions Improving the safety of the work environment Restoring initial environmental conditions Measuring the environmental behavio