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To be a world class industrial group and a recognized industry leader in our chosen market segments. We make sure that our employees go home safely everyday and that our clients are satisfied with their provided services in every aspect.Since 1980 Arian Industrial Group has obtained the right experience in order to gather the best managers, superintendents and project managers include some of the brightest minds in the industry. Let us prove to you that we are the professional occupation that you have been looking for.

Tehran, Isfahan and Arak are some of the most important industrial provinces in Iran. Essential infrastructures and logistics for industrial development are provided by the government to help manufactures and SMEs grow properly.

Industrial development, which began in earnest in the mid-1950s, has transformed parts of the country. Iran now produces a wide range of manufactured commodities, such as automobiles, electric appliances, telecommunications equipment, industrial machinery, paper, rubber products, steel, food products, wood and leather products, textiles, and pharmaceuticals.

Until the early 1950s the construction industry was limited largely to small domestic companies. Increased income from oil and gas and the availability of easy credit, however, triggered a subsequent building boom that attracted major international construction firms to Iran. This growth continued until the mid-1970s, when, because of a sharp rise in inflation, credit was tightened and the boom collapsed. The construction industry had revived somewhat by the mid-1980s, but housing shortages have remained a serious problem, especially in the large urban centres.