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Our services in Healthcare varies from different products to special services.
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Arian TMH healthcare department is dedicated to provide sustainable health to make high quality Health services accessible for everyone. We strive to achieve this goal by holding training courses for individuals and physicians, facilitating medical tourism and providing sanitizing solutions for residential and industrial section.

Medical Equipment

Arian TM Group manufacture medical equipment under supervision of Arian Tejarat knowledge-based company which is located in Isfahan Science and Technology Town (ISTT). These products are produced with CLEAN TECH brand.

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Clean-Tech Hand Sanitizer

It is the best disinfecting solution for building entries, restaurants and any public place which is care for a perfect sanitizing solution. This device is using "Air Atomizing" technology that results in saving sanitizing solution and increase absorption on the skin surface.

3 easy steps for having Clean Hands

a)Simply put your hands into the sanitizing area and let the nozzle spray for at least 3 seconds
b)Scrub your hand against each other and let the material reach all over your skin
c)Now your hand are perfectly clean

Clean-Tech Sanitizing Gate

Installing sanitizing gates at building entries is a guaranteed protection of everyone's Health. Clean-Tech gates are using special sensors for detecting people's Height while entering the gate, so the sanitizing solutions will deploy only on the body and facial area will remain secure


• Fully automatic
• Height sensors
• 8 powerful nozzles
• Dry and smooth
• Disinfection
• Permanent after sale services and 1 year guarantee
• Fully automatic
• Height sensors
• 8 powerful nozzles
• Dry and smooth disinfection
• Permanent after sale services and 1 year guarantee

Clean-Tech Room disinfectant device

Clean-Tech Room disinfectant device This device is using powerful jet nozzles that can sanitize a 1000 SQM area in less than 20 minutes. After installation in the center of the room, it will automatically rotate and clean the area by deploying sanitizing DRY FOG. Dry fog will reach every inch, no matter how high or low it is located in the area. ​

Main applications

• Offices
• Laboratories
• Industrial areas
• Production lines
• Restaurants and hospitals


• Easy function
• Fully automatic
• 360 degree rotation
• Integrated disinfection
• 100 protection against viruses and batteries

Medical Recruitment

It is our intension to fill every vacancy with the right person. In this regard we have built vast network of applicants and employers in the whole G.C.C region.
Our services in Medical Recruitment for employers and job seekers
        1.Employment consultation
        2.Document Accreditation services
        3.Access to our C.V data base for employers
We are partner with accreditation organizations such as DATA FLOW which is a PSV (primary source verification) agency. So far, we have helped more than 800 job seekers to find their Dream job by presenting an ideal business career to them. We wish to push this number up to 1000 and more in the near future.

Medical investment

Arian TMH investment in healthcare industry has paved the way for many people to access high quality medical treatment in their local area.

Improve the quality of service in hospitals and medical centers under Arian Group ownership/partnership was always the first priority in our business model.

Number of our successful investment projects

•  Iran 100

•  Oman 26

•  Qatar 16

•  UAE 10

•  Europe 5

Medical tourism

Our Mission

To improve healthcare level of the society and wellbeing and to make the world a healthier place to travel for medical treatment

Our Strategy

•  Promote excellence in all aspects of medical practice, in all phases of a physician’s career to treat foreign patients.

•  Increase collaboration with other healthcare professionals to improve patient’s care and system integration.

•  Provide hospitals & clinics with an integrated system so that they can improve their healthcare level and communicate with the global market.

•  Support and guide healthcare organizations with the standards and international terms of receiving foreign patients

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