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From generation to generation Persian handicrafts have been preserved in cultural aspects of society since the ancient times. That includes Iranian architecture, art, life style, etc.

Nowadays Iranian handicrafts are considered as unique masterpieces which contain hundreds of years of historyArian holding realizes this product not just as a product to export but as a mean to trade history through expanding the rich and valuable culture of ancient Persia.

We have started to export handicrafts in 1995 by participating in European exhibitions. Today we are managing many active handicraft stores in all around the world and supplying them directly with the original hand-made products from inside Iran.

Followings are some of famous Iranian handicrafts that have been exported by Arian Holding:


Visiting Iran and fighting the temptation of buying Khatam for souvenir seems impossible!

Different kinds of Khatam decorative objects; jewelry boxes, mirror and photo frames, office supplies, chess boards catch the eye of many tourists in Esfahan. This city has been the homeland of khatam workshops from Safavi Empire up to the present time. Esfahani masters make unique objects decorated with khatam like expensive caskets, tables, clocks, accessories for the table.

Wood, metal and bone are combined forming a unique pattern of a flower. It consists of assembling thin sticks of different natural materials in a geometric, most often star-shaped patterns. Needed material are chosen according to their colors in order to reach the proper final product.


The depiction of Esfahani masters from sky forms the unique art of Mina. Minakari is a delicate artwork designed by paining on ceramic and different metals. This Complicated process; forming the metal, coating with enamel and painting is being perfectly done by skillful Persians from the old times.
Italy, France and Spain are the main markets for Iranian ornamental products. Besides European countries Arian Holding is targeting Asian markets like Japan and China as well. Our vision is to globalize this product in the near future.


Incredible taste of Iranian traditional foods are inseparable with the fabulous drawings of Galamkar tablecloth!
Making a ghalamkar Terme is a time- taking and delicate job. In Yazd many enthusiastic women are making wonders! They use wooden stamps to draw beautiful patterns on cloth. Arian Holding appreciates this hard effort and try to bring their products to international markets. Since now we have exported numerous Ghalamkar handicrafts to different countries like Germany, Italy, France, Australia and etc. this is just the beginning for us! Our goal is to establish Persian handicraft workshops overseas in order to expand the rich culture of ancient Persia all around the world.